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    Roof system angle-820-360°
    Product description
    Our company 820-360 holding the bite type roof panel press referred to as angle Chi machine production line, is to update the traditional roof bolt installation products, the production line is mainly composed of a charging rack, loading rack, feeding into platform, forming machine, forming cutting device, hydraulic station, computer control box etc.
    The pressure plate produced by the machine solves the leakage problem of the conventional series roof. The 820-360 degree pressure plate connection breaks the Convention of connecting the traditional roof with the screw gun, and the installation method is painted by 45 degrees, which makes the roof waterproofing better.
    Color steel tile pattern of roof system
    Technical characteristics
    The composition of the corner -820-360 degree roof system
    The -820-360 system consists of 820-360 degree angle Chi ~ roof panel and fixed support (typhoon and non typhoon area), the special metal cornice, water retaining plug, strengthen play fastener etc., including sealant, waterproof rubber strips and a variety of Australia style edge, flashing etc.. Roofing accessory options are cotton insulation, lighting belt, ventilator etc.. In addition, the special container is equipped to meet the customer's requirements in the field, and the long board is not connected.
    Excellent leakproof water performance
    Because the effective width of the corner -820-360 degrees roof is much larger than that of the traditional 406 and 420 plates, which reduces the horizontal lap joints by 52%, which reduces the chance of water seepage and increases the material utilization rate of 5%.
    Strong wind resistant uplift
    Due to the adoption of a new design, the -820-360 system has a deeper degree angle Chi fastening depth (more than 5.2mm) and angular radius up to R2, at the same time, the usual fixed bearing (typhoon and non typhoon area) to ensure each fastening ribs are stable and accurately fixed on the roof purlins.
    The compensation function of heat expansion and contraction
    With the change of temperature diurnal or seasonal, the roof will expand or shrink the fastener will be on the roof of the loose, cracks and cracking phenomenon, and the angle of -820-360 DEG Chi roofing system in thermal expansion and contraction, pressure type roof panel in fixed bearing along the roof slope direction slowly longitudinal slip, with compensation function but, in the sliding roof panel at the same time, pressure is still fixed bearing tightly closed, do not have to worry about the problem with the roof and the mechanism.

    Excellent durability and corrosion resistance
    Simple installation angle Chi -820-360 degree system only human, do not need to bite the roof panel lock, all plate angle Chi -820-360 degree angle is not less than 90o (obtuse angle) which will, pressure type, transportation and installation process of coating materials and coating damage down to the lowest point, the anti corrosion performance of above all of these make the angle Chi -820-360 degrees system durability is much higher than the roof system and locking screws hidden occlusion roofing system.

    Molding production line of 840/780B type steel tile for wall system
    Product description

    Our company's color steel plate production line -- double-layer color steel tile molding machine 840-768B adopts the latest hydraulic shearing system, it can produce automatically and automatically, and does not need to go back to stop. But it completes the die cutting at one time, with high accuracy.

    Color steel plate type production line - double layer color steel tile forming machine 840-768B
    Tile pattern of wall system

    Field example
    Automatic C/Z swap purline production line
    Product description
    All kinds of automatic production line of C/Z exchange purlin using the same set of equipment can produce two kinds of C/Z purlin Hing Construction Technology Co. Ltd. Nantong Wanke, and C type /Z type conversion and specification transformation completed by manual adjusting, change specifications without replacing the forming roller. The production process of the automatic control mode, input purlin length, longitudinal hole distance, the number according to the parameters of automatic punching, cutting, forming.
    Purline production line
    Product specification

    Technological process
    Open book→guide feeding→leveling→fixed length punching→fixed length cutting→roll forming→Finished product board

    Tile pattern of wall system
    All kinds of color steel accessories products
    Accessories accessories
    Parapet cap

    Maintenance of products

    Roof system angle-820-360°

    Wall system 840/780B type

    C/Z swap purline production line

    Accessories accessories

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