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    Product introduction
    Rockwool The company is the world's largest producer of fireproof rock wool, founded in 1909. At present, the company has more than 8000 high-quality employees. The group has 22 factories in 3 Europe, North America and Asia, and has a network system covering offices, distributors and partners all over the world to ensure that people from all over the world can benefit from rock wool products and rock wool schemes. The group headquarters and R & D center are located in Copenhagen, Denmark Hedehusene.
    Definition of rock wool

    English Name: Rock wool or Stone wool,It belongs to inorganic material. Rock wool is mainly made of natural igneous rock such as basalt (dolomite) and dolomite. After high temperature melting, man-made inorganic fiber made by high-speed centrifuge has strong thermal insulation and fire resistance.

    ROCKWOOL FR Special rock wool board for exterior wall insulation
    Product introduction
    ROCKWOOL The rock wool products are made from natural rocks such as basalt, which realizes the perfect four in one of fire safety, sound absorption and noise reduction, durability, stability and sustainability.
    Luo Kewei cotton is a natural rock as the main raw material, through a mineral fiber high temperature of 1450 DEG C melting and centrifugal blowing made in, adding a small amount of thermosetting adhesive and additive to the pendulum plate method. It has the characteristics of non flammable, non-toxic, low thermal conductivity, hydrophobic, sound absorption, physical and chemical properties.
    The FR series is specially designed for exterior insulation and thin plastering system of buildings, and has the characteristics of high vertical tensile strength, good dimensional stability, high hydrophobicity and low water absorption.
    The FR series has the following three types of tensile strength levels to meet different applications and installation methods:FR7.5 FR10 FR15
    Product features
    ? meet the highest fire protection level
    ? No flammable, no toxic fumes
    ? Pressure and tensile strength meet the requirements of external wall insulation standard
    ? Thermal insulation performance is good and can maintain long-term stability
    ? Excellent air permeability and convenient construction
    ? Strong ability to resist high temperature and shrinkage, and keep the system structure stable when fire occurs
    ? The physical characteristics of high efficient sound absorption and elastic vibration elimination
    ? High body stability
    ? Light quality, easy to play, easy to process
    ? No corrosion of all kinds of components in metal materials and buildings
    ? Fiber nontoxic and safe to use
    Size specification

    Product code












    technical parameter

    Product code

    FR 7.5

    FR 10

    FR 15



    Tensile strength grade





    GB/T 25975-2010

    Tensile strength (perpendicular to the surface)

    ≥ 7.5

    ≥ 10

    ≥ 15


    JG 149-2003

    Compressive strength (perpendicular to the surface)

    ≥ 40

    ≥ 60

    ≥ 80


    GB 13480

    Thermal conductivity(average temperature 25C)

    ≤ 0.040


    GB/T 10295

    Fire resistance

    Non flammable material, the reaction to fire is not less than A2


    GB/T 8624

    Hydrophobicity rate

    ≥ 99


    GB/T 10299

    Water absorption (partial immersion)

    ≤ 0.5


    GB/T 25975-2010


    ≤ 0.2

    % by vol.

    GB/T 5480

    dimensional stability

    ≤ 1.0


    GB/T 8811

    Humid resistance factor

    ≤ 4.0


    GB/T 17146

    Acidity coefficient

    ≥ 1.8


    GB/T 5480

    Melting temperature

    > 1000



    Conforming to standard

    GB/T 19686-2005《Rock wool and slag cotton insulation products for building》
    GB/T 25975-2010《Rock wool products for exterior wall insulation》

    Product features

    Rockwool Production technology of rock wool:
    Rock wool production by Xuan Wuyan (gabbro) and dolomite as raw materials, coke as fuel, (according to the requirements of the practical application of the product by adding a small amount of other minerals, such as iron ore, in order to adjust some of the performance), after vibration feeder, the cupola melting by more than 1400 degrees; melt and melting the four axis through the fibrosis centrifuge, and spraying adhesive after curing, in cotton, cooling, cutting, rock wool products forming stroke, and finally by the packaging machine packaging and storage.
    The main difference between rock wool and slag cotton:
    The difference of acidity coefficient is more than 1.6 for rock wool. The other differences are different raw materials, different production temperature, different production processes, different fiber thickness and different hydrophobicity, different thermal conductivity, different strength and different high temperature resistance.
    Difference of raw material from rock wool and slag cotton:
    The main raw material for the production of rock wool: Xuan Wuyan (gabbro) dolomite coke other additives.
    The main raw materials for the production of slag cotton: high temperature slag, phosphorous slag, fly ash and so on. More than 70% of the raw material of slag cotton is high temperature slag.
    The most commonly used technical parameters of rock wool board:
    Thermal conductivity (mainly parameters of thermal insulation performance; (a) the combustion characteristics of the material itself); water repellent rate: 99% (indicating flow who was not adsorbed on the internal volume); water absorption; mass and volume absorption rate; surface burning characteristics; slag ball content; fiber diameter, strength etc..
    Luo Kewei rock wool based on the combustion performance of the latest combustion grade of building materials:
    According to the GB8624-2012 standard, it should be the highest level of A1 in the non combustible a class.
    Luo Kewei wool hydrophobic advantage:
    Hydrophober with Luo Kewei wool, and resin adhesive compatible with firmly attached on the surface of each rock wool fibers, reticular structure formed stable and durable, resistant to water and high temperature and long term stability. Some manufacturers add hydrophobic agents, but the addition of hydrophobic agents is not uniform, and does not cover every rock wool fiber. If there is no good technical means, it is difficult to achieve high hydrophobicity and long lasting durability.
    The effect of acidity on the quality of rock wool products:
    Acidity coefficient = (SiO2+AL2O3) / (CaO+MgO)
    Generally speaking, the acidity coefficient 1.6 is used as the evaluation limit, and more than 1.6 for rock wool, less than 1.6 for slag cotton, and the acidity coefficient is above 1.6. The performance indexes of the products are obviously better than those of the products below 1.6; the acidity coefficient of slag cotton is generally lower than 1.4., and its chemical stability is worse.
    On hydrophobicity:
    The definition of hydrophobicity is: 60L/H flow continuous 1H spray on the inclined 45 degree sample. After stopping, the water droplet is sucked out in 1min, and the percentage of the volume of water that the specimen is not measured is measured. The rate of hydrophobicity is the ratio of the volume of the flow of water to the inside of the material. The water's self weight, fiber structure and water repellent content make water have better hydrophobicity when the water is unable to stay in the material. The water repellent - rockwool and resin adhesive compatibility is attached on the surface of wool fiber firmly combined, reticular structure formed stable and durable, resistant to water and high temperature and long term stability.
    Fire resistance:
    Different rockwool fireproof capacity, good rock wool fiber: high temperature, high temperature resistance and higher; in the highest temperature conditions, loss of structure and thermal conductivity loss; high temperature, low shrinkage, thermal shrinkage load; the quality of wool, can be in high temperature circumstance, structure complete, squeeze in the gap does not shrink and fall, no loss of thermal conductivity. Therefore, it can not be mistaken that "rock wool" is enough, brand, quality, technical service and domestic and foreign certification are security guarantee.
    The concrete influence of the compressive strength and point load on the roof system on the whole roof system:
    There are some differences between flat roofing products and other application products, that is, construction equipment and personnel construction and maintenance will have some load effect on our products, so all insulation materials need to have some compressive strength. The standard requirement is that the compressive strength is less than 40Kpa (compression ratio 10%), and the point load is not less than 200N (deformation 5mm). In mechanical fixed roof construction, it is required that thermal insulation materials meet their compressive strength not less than 60Kpa (compression ratio 10%), and point load is not less than 500N (deformation 5mm). If it can not meet the requirements, the possible problem is that the insulation material is trampled, the roof is uneven, and the insulation board is broken when the screws are fixed, which will affect the overall wind resistance of the roof.
    How to solve the rock wool insulation cold bridge and Bridge:
    The system does not have the cold heat exterior insulation, the following two conditions will produce cold bridges:
    The use of exterior insulation system in the building, floor beams and columns and other parts can not be wrapped, resulting in cold bridges;
    Even the use of exterior insulation system, because the design does not take into account the relevant part of the package, which will also have cold bridges.
    Therefore the solution is: first, the design of external thermal insulation system, the two is in the design of the full consideration of all parts of the thermal insulation needs.
    The difference between the rock wool and the glass cotton, and the comparison of the glass cotton in the curtain wall system, the advantage of the rock wool:
    Glass cotton will lose strength at more than 350 degrees centigrade
    Glass cotton will shrink at 350 degrees centigrade and again show that glass cotton is not suitable for fire and high temperature applications.
    When the temperature is exceeded, the glass cotton will lose the performance of insulation, sound insulation and other thermal insulation materials.
    The GB 5480 short-term immersion test under different test conditions and the adverse reactions after EN 1609 glass cotton direct soaking were reported. The absorption rate of water vapor was 5% (weight ratio) in the reports provided by the glass cotton manufacturer, which was much higher than that of rock wool (0.14%). All raw materials used in rock wool production are the most common natural materials, and all raw materials used for rock wool production are common. In nature, they can be seen as endless. If basalt and carbonate are used exclusively for rock wool production, these materials may even be regarded as renewable resources, because the consumption rate is much lower than that of renewable ones.
    Rock wool production is a high energy efficiency and environmental protection technology, which conforms to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, including the quality of the surrounding air. Rock wool does not contain asbestos and harmful air pollutants. The application of rock wool can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

    Rockwool Luo Kewei wool

    Product introduction

    Specifications and parameters

    Product features

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